18 Bandstand
2018, Bay, by Into Mischief - Bandstand, by Deputy Minister
2017, Bay, by Ghostzapper - Sushi Empire, by Empire Maker
Ann’s Smart Dancer
2008, Bay, by Dance With Ravens - Bennington, by Ide
As Long As Ittakes
1998, Bay, by Sky Classic - Find Happiness, by Buckfinder
Astarte Gold
2017, DkB, by Cairo Prince - Smitten by Gold, by Medallist
Atlantic Tide
2008, Bay, by Stormy Atlantic - Scapades, by Skip Trial
Bella Aurora
2017, Ch, by Carpe Diem - Street Interest, by Street Cry
Central Exit
2017, Chestnut, by Central Banker - Keep Right, by Street Cry (Ire)
Combat Queen
2017, DkB, by Congrats - Starsonhershoulder, by Quiet American
2011, Bay, by Bernardini - Hatta Diamond, by Street Cry (IRE)
Fifteen Moons
2006, Bay, by Malibu Moon - Prospective Joy, by Allen's Prospect
Fifteen Royals
2017, Ch, by Palace Malice - Fifteen Moons, by Malibu Moon
Fleet and Fancy
2003, DK B, by Touch of Gold - Fleet Lady, by Avenue of Flags
Friesing Waters
2015, CH, by Friesan Fire - Atlantic Tide, by Stormy Atlantic
Grecian Maiden
2007, CH, by Ghostzapper - Willa on the Move, by Two Punch
2008, CH, by Not For Love - Amber Comet, by Amerrico's Bullet
2004, DK B, by Deputy Minister - Resurge, by Seeking the Gold
Into Bluegrass
2014, Bay, by Into Mischief - Bluegrassislegal, by Bluegrass Cat
Just My Luck
2016, CH, by Yes It's True - Lucky Song, by Unbridled's Song
Keep Right
2011, Bay, by Street Cry (IRE) - Grand Merger, by A.P. Indy
Laura’s Moon
2012, DK B, by Malibu Moon - E T Phone Laura, by Roar
Lawless Love
2014, Bay, by Not For Love - IFoughtDaLaw, by Posse
Let’s Play Nine
2016, DK B, by Super Ninety Nine - Arch Enemy, by Arch
Lucky Ninety Nine
2016, Ch, by Super Ninety Nine - Lucky Nita, by Deputy Minister
Miss Moonshine
2010, Bay, by Malibu Moon - Shiny Sheet, by Press Card
Missy Rules
2010, Bay, by Peace Rules - Missy McKee, by Silver Deputy
Monte Crista
2015, CH, by Cape Blanco (IRE) - Aruban Sandwich, by Alphabet Soup
Moon Vision
2011, Bay, by Pollard's Vision - Fifteen Moons, by Malibu Moon
Moonlit Malibu
2008, DK B, by Malibu Moon - As Long As ItTakes, by Sky Classic
2017, DkB, by Mineshaft - Luna Dorada, by Seeking the Gold
Mosler’s Image
2018, DK B, by Mosler - Imagistic, by Deputy Minister
Mosler’s Touch
2018, DK B, by Mosler - Touch the Birds, by Dance With Ravens
2010, DK B, by Bernardini - Manoa, by Seeking the Gold
Raise Up
2010, Bay, by HenryTheNavigator - Ticker Tape (GB), by Royal Applause (GB)
Rock Sapphire (KOR)
2014, Bay, by Rock Hard Ten - Guide, by Pulpit
Rue de Rivoli
2012, Bay, by Smart Strike - Atelier, by Deputy Minister
2004, DK B, by Malibu Moon - Hey Up There, by Cormorant
2017, DkB, by Super Saver - Belle Gallantey, by After Market
Union Waters
2007, DK B, by Dixie Union - Panama Canal, by Gulch
Vee’s Super Star
2016, DK B, by Super Ninety Nine - Vee Vee Star, by Norquestor
Virginia Beach
2017, Bay, by Twirling Candy - Enterprise Beach, by El Prado (Ire)
Your Flame in Me
2004, Bay, by Boundary - Icy Demeanor, by Allen's Prospect