Rss Feeds

Currently, we have one RSS Feed available. That is for the "Races We're Watching" feature.

To subscribe to that feed, just click on the RSS link below. It will take you to the Races We're Watching RSS Feed page. You can copy that page's address and paste it into whatever device you use for RSS Feeds.

RSS logo: Click for RSS 2.0 Feed. Copy URL (web address) into an RSS Aggregator. Races RSS Feed
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RSS News Feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds (often called News Feeds) are common and used to present "news" headlines and such from another source on a website or a News Aggregator. Aggregators are programs (placed on your own computer or within browser-- and usually free) used to "read" RSS newsfeeds and blogs, presenting them organized and in a form easily read. (Some common aggregators include: FeedDemon, NewzCrawler, GoogleReader, NewsGator, and many others.) Many portal homepages have options to subscribe to newsfeed and display them on your homepage. Some programs, such as Outlook, are often able to subscribe to and display newsfeeds.

To make use of a Country Life RSS newsfeed for any of the described methods, simply click on the RSS incon above (RSS Icon). This will take you to the appropriate feed page and display the feed using whatever browser you are currently using. Copy the full URL (the web address, which usually starts with "http://www......."). Paste that in whatever newsreader or other device you plan to use. The reader then checks periodically for new information and display that without any updating actions on your part.

Note: In the Country Life Races RSS feed, links for more information usually go to Equibase's Entry Chart for the specific race (just as the website chart does). Note: The feed contains only Current and Upcoming Races, not past ones.